Biden’s Invest in America Tour Kickoff Will Highlight Exponential Clean Energy Job Growth in North Carolina

WASHINGTON, D.C. — While MAGA Republicans in Congress are trying to pass their unpopular Polluters Over People Act to advance Big Oil’s agenda and raise costs for working families, Biden is kicking off his Made in America tour, highlighting how the clean energy plan is creating jobs and lowering costs in communities across the country. 

Thanks to Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan, North Carolina’s economy is booming—and providing new jobs for North Carolinians. According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Jobs Report, in the six months since the Inflation Reduction Act passed, nearly $10 billion dollars have been invested to create thousands of clean energy jobs

Some of those clean energy project announcements and expansions include: 

Additionally, the Biden administration’s affordable clean energy plan has invested in bold climate resiliency programs and cost saving efficiency projects. Late last year, the Department of Interior announced that North Carolina will receive over $209 million for consumer home energy rebate programs aimed at lowering costs for working families and enabling communities to make their homes more energy efficient. Just this month, Department of the Interior announced that North Carolina will receive $27.25 million for the Albemarle-Pamlico Sound restoration—aimed at creating large-scale resiliency programs, and employing local residents.