Big Oil Leaders Cast Doubt on Their Own Climate Plans By Declining An Invitation To Testify Before Congress


February 3rd, 2022

Contact: Jason Phelps, [email protected]

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the House Oversight Committee announced it would have to hold an additional hearing on Big Oil’s climate pledges because four of the five invited witnesses declined to testify this coming Tuesday. The witnesses—all members of the boards of directors tasked with overseeing the corporations’ direction—either bring scientific and technical expertise to their roles or were elected on activist platforms to address their companies’ lackluster performance on pollution reductions. 

In response to the meeting, Noreen Nielsen, Senior Advisor for Climate Power, released the following statement:

“The refusal from board members to appear before the committee fits a pattern of Big Oil CEOs denying, delaying, and outright damaging the future of our planet. As the Oversight Committee’s work proves, the bill is finally coming due for Big Oil’s history of obstructing progress on climate action. Their concerted efforts to use misinformation to obscure profit margins and climate science is being exposed. This investigation will continue to show how Big Oil CEOs line their pockets with billions in profits while making struggling Americans pay to heat their homes and fill up their cars. No matter how hard they try, Big Oil can’t hide from Congress or the American people.”