Climate Power: Passage of Inflation Reduction Act A Historic Win, Setting a Strong Foundation for Future Climate Action

Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, issued the following statement after the US House Democrats passed historic climate legislation:

“President Biden and Democrats in Congress just passed the most meaningful climate bill in US history. But this moment is a collective victory. Activists, organizers, and voters who demanded action brought us to this point. We wrote letters, we called, we voted, we held our leaders accountable, and we just took a ginormous step forward together. The work that went into delivering this moment and passing the Inflation Reduction Act is a testament to never giving up. It took decades of dedication — from young people, climate advocates, justice leaders, labor unions, scientists, and so many others – demanding climate action be a catalyst for much-needed change. 

“Because of this legislation, everyday costs will go down for families. Energy will be cleaner and cheaper. Jobs will be created in small towns and big cities across the country. Neighborhoods will become more resilient in a changing climate. Air will get cleaner and water safer to drink. The benefits are huge, but there is more work to do.

“We can’t and won’t stop here. This bill is historic and the biggest investment we’ve ever made to tackle the climate crisis. At the same time, it gives major concessions to the oil and gas industry that will exacerbate harm to communities and our nation’s most disadvantaged people. This bill should be our baseline for future action. 

“We have waited so long for this moment and even as this bill heads to President Biden’s desk, we are ready to keep fighting. We are far from finished. Whether you spent decades in climate advocacy or are new to the fight, this moment is because of our collective belief that our world is worth saving and we will keep fighting together. Let’s go! ”