Energy Secretary Granholm’s North Carolina Visit Will Spotlight Exponential Clean Energy Job Growth in Tar Heel State

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Energy Secretary Granholm’s North Carolina Invest in America tour stop will spotlight how the clean energy industry employs North Carolinians like never before. The Biden administration’s clean energy plan turbocharges our clean energy economy and creates good-paying jobs that don’t require four-year degrees. 

Thanks to Biden’s clean energy plan, North Carolina’s economy is thriving, providing new jobs for the Tar Heel State. According to Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Jobs Report, in the months since the Inflation Reduction Act passed, $9.5 billion has been invested to turbocharge North Carolina’s economy, creating over 3,600 clean energy jobs. 

Some examples of North Carolina’s turbocharged clean energy economy: 

  • Toyota announced an investment of $3.8 billion to build a new EV battery plant in Liberty, creating 2,100 new jobs
  • Wolfspeed announced their plan to create the world’s largest silicon carbide materials facility in Chatham County, producing material for components in electric vehicles and solar equipment. The project is expected to create 1,800 jobs. 
  • Applied Materials announced a $144 million investment in a prelithiation and lithium anode manufacturing facility, which will support U.S.-made batteries and create 490 new jobs.
  • This year, Kempower announced that the company would invest $41 million in a new EV charging station factory in Durham. Kempower plans on creating 600 jobs
  • Atom Power, an EV charging station producer, received a $100 million investment to add 170 additional jobs.

Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, North Carolina is positioned as a regional leader for EVs. North Carolina is now outpacing the rest of the South on EV adoption, with nearly 52,000 EVs registered in the Tar Heel State. 

Please reach out to Jasmine at [email protected] if you are interested in speaking to North Carolina leaders about the state’s clean energy economy and Energy Secretary Granholm’s visit.