ICYMI: LaTricea Adams Highlights Environmental Injustices and Steps Taken to Address these Concerns

Washington D.C. — Last week, NowThis featured Black Millennials for Flint Founder and President LaTricea Adams in a new video discussing the impacts her non-profit has made combating environmental injustice in Michigan and across the country. In the video, Adams detailed her journey to activism and how the Flint Water Crisis spurred her to start her non-profit to advocate for the community and other communities impacted by the lead water crisis.

Adams discussed the long-term effects of lead poisoning, noting exposure during pregnancy is linked to birth defects and premature births. Adams made it clear that the issue of lead-contaminated water extends far beyond Flint, saying: “When you see majority Black and Brown people, and also people in economic distress, you see some of these same pervasive environmental injustices. Just a lack of regard for certain types of people, where you think that their lives don’t matter and you can just dump in their community.”

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Adams’ work with Black Millennials for Flint, as well as environmental justice roles, with the White House and state of Michigan has brought much-needed attention to the water crisis in Flint as well as cities like Memphis and Baltimore. In the video, she also applauded the collaboration between government agencies, organizations like Black Millennials for Flint, and people in frontline communities to address these problems and continue the fight for justice.