NEW REPORT from Climate Power Details Job Booms in 72 Republican-Held Districts With Help from President Biden’s Climate Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Climate Power released a new report that shows the Inflation Reduction Act and President Biden’s climate plan helped create over 77,000 new jobs in districts represented by Republicans. Out of 191 clean energy projects the climate plan helped create, 107 of them are located in 72 Republican-held congressional districts. These projects are expected to generate more than $198 billion in investments. Nationally, since the passage of the IRA, clean energy projects responsible for 142,016 new jobs in 41 states were announced or advanced. 

Not a single congressional Republican voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, and now they have a plan to repeal the widely popular law by threatening default on the debt limit. Republican MAGA extremists in Congress are ready to kill new, good paying jobs coming to their districts to play politics and prioritize their oil and gas allies. 

Toplines from the report: 

This report analyzes the more than 191 clean energy projects that have moved forward since the passage of the IRA and finds: 

  • More than half of all clean energy projects that have moved forward since the passage of the IRA are in districts represented by House Republicans: 107 clean energy projects in total located in 72 congressional districts across the country. 
  • Projects in these districts will create 77,261 jobs and generate more than $198 billion in investments. 
  • The districts with the most clean energy projects include NV-2 (Rep. Mark Amodei), KY-1 (Rep. James Comer), TN-7 (Rep. Mark Green), GA-12 (Rep. Rick Allen), IN-5 (Rep. Victoria Spartz), SC-6 (Rep. Joe Wilson), WA-4 (Rep. Dan Newhouse).
  • The districts with the highest number of clean energy jobs include NV-2 (Rep. Mark Amodei), NY-22 (Rep. Brandon Williams), GA-11 (Rep. Barry Loudermilk), WV-2 (Rep. Alexander Mooney), AZ-5 (Rep. Andy Biggs), MI-5 (Rep. Tim Walberg), and MI-2 (Rep. John Moolenaar).
  • The districts with the largest dollar investment in clean energy include NY-22 (Rep. Brandon Williams), ID-2 (Rep. Michael Simpson), UT-3 (Rep. John Curtis), GA-11 (Rep. Barry Loudermilk) and AZ-5 (Rep. Andy Biggs).

According to a Climate Power analysis, more than half of the 191 clean energy projects with $242.81 billion in new investments are in districts represented by House Republicans. In total of the 72 Republican members of Congress with new clean energy projects, 62 of them voted against the IRA on August 16, 2023. The 10 who didn’t take the vote are freshman so they were not in Congress last year at the time of the vote. However, at least 7 of these members who were not in Congress at the time of the vote have said they oppose the bill.