President Biden Has Delivered On Climate and Clean Energy, Meanwhile, MAGA Extremists Plan To Kill Jobs and Pollute Communities

Washington, D.C. – In response to President Biden announcing his reelection campaign, Climate Power’s Executive Director Lori Lodes released the following statement: 

“Four years ago, President Biden announced his candidacy for president on the promise that he would deliver on restoring the soul of our nation—uplifting communities across the country who have been harmed by MAGA extremists’ demagoguery and pro-polluter policies. He won resoundingly in 2020 on a bold climate and clean energy agenda that restores American-made manufacturing with clean energy jobs. 

“President Biden got to work and delivered. Thanks to President Biden’s historic and affordable clean energy plan, over 140,000 clean energy jobs are being created, providing good-paying jobs to working-class Americans, and restoring Made in America manufacturing. Communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis are receiving historic investments in climate resilience programs. And he accomplished all of this with a historically slim Democratic majority and a hostile, extreme MAGA Republican caucus hell-bent on serving pro-polluter interests. 

“The contrast and stakes couldn’t be clearer. Right now, Republicans want to implode our economy and undo the climate and clean energy job-creating progress we’ve made, even though their communities stand to benefit the most from Biden’s clean energy plan. We cannot allow this to happen.”