President Biden Touts Clean Energy Plan as Centerpiece of Bidenomics, Key to Building Economy from the Middle Out and Bottom Up

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, President Joe Biden laid out his plan to grow the economy from the middle out and bottom up by making smart investments in Made in America clean energy and manufacturing. The climate and clean energy wins he’s secured are tangible, specific examples of what Bidenomics means, and they are a centerpiece of President Biden’s vision for growing the middle class.

In response to President Biden’s speech, Climate Power Executive Director Lori Lodes released the following statement: 

“Bidenomics works because it puts the American worker and clean energy at the center of how we grow our economy. In less than a year, President Biden’s clean energy plan helped create more than 142,000 good paying jobs – that’s over 100,000 electricians, mechanics, construction workers, technicians, and support staff who’ll go home to their families with more security. The president is focused on investing in the American people and a cleaner, better future, not an extremist MAGA agenda that wants to give Big Oil and other corporations raking in record profits another special tax break.”

President Biden’s emphasis on investing in clean energy is popular – voters know his agenda is a job creator that will reduce their energy costs, and unleash a manufacturing boom, making Republicans’ vow to repeal clean energy investments a political loser. 

  • 69% of voters say they supported President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act after reading the following description: “As you may know, Biden and Democrats’ legislation that was passed by Congress is called the Inflation Reduction Act, which will give Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices, bring down health insurance premiums, and invest in clean energy like wind and solar power.” 
  • 75% of voters say it’s important for the United States to increase its use of clean and renewable energy sources like wind power and solar energy, including 55% who say it’s “very” important. 
  • Nearly half of Independents (48%) support President Biden’s clean energy plan, joined by nearly a quarter of Republicans (23%). 
  • Nearly half of voters think Republicans should not roll back clean energy incentives, with 71% of voters saying that they would be upset if Republicans repealed home energy-efficiency incentives.