Republican Lawmakers Won’t Stop Trying to Raise Costs and Repeal Popular Climate Provisions

WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s a tale as old as time; once again, the Washington Post reports that Republicans in Congress are working to repeal popular, cost-saving pieces of President Biden’s clean energy plan. They made repeal the goal of HR1—their first major legislative push in March, and tried  to use the threat of default as leverage to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act last month. Their continued efforts are not only misguided; they’re unpopular with voters who could force these members into an early retirement in 2024. A staggering 71% of voters say they would be upset if Republicans repealed home energy-efficiency incentives. Additionally, 51% of voters say they would be upset if Republicans in Congress rolled back key tax credits and financial incentives for clean energy production and job growth, such as wind and solar power. 

“Republicans know that repealing the Biden Clean Energy Plan and killing the clean energy jobs that come with it is a losing political fight. Even so, they continue to push to repeal vital cost-saving provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act at the expense of their constituents,” said Climate Power Senior Advisor Noreen Nielsen. “As long as MAGA Republicans put the profits of their Big Oil allies ahead of the communities they work for, they will stop at nothing to derail President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan.”

The Inflation Reduction Act has helped create over 142,000 jobs since its passage less than a year ago, the majority of which are in Republican-held districts.