Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Climate Hypocrisy

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. traffics in conspiracy theories, strongly opposes biggest investment in climate action in history


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announcing his independent presidential bid, Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power, released the following statement: 

“Let’s be clear: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a dangerous conspiracy theorist, not a climate champion. He opposes the Inflation Reduction Act, the single largest investment in climate action and clean energy ever passed. He has even called climate action a tyrannical plot being used as a pretext to ‘control us through fear.’ Just like every Republican running and the Republicans who back his campaign, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would kill the clean energy boom cold and roll back our progress.” 

Despite claims that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a champion for climate action, the truth is the opposite. 

  • Kennedy opposed the Inflation Reduction Act and said he would not have voted for the legislation, which has helped create over 170,000 jobs
  • Kennedy believes climate action is a global plot by intelligence agencies and a shadowy “cabal” to “impose totalitarian controls” and “control us through fear.” Instead, he would rely on magical thinking and “the free market,” which failed to address the climate crisis and allowed polluters to run amok for decades.
  • Kennedy abandoned his stewardship of the very environmental groups he founded to prioritize anti-vaccine causes and conspiracies.