Second Gentleman Emhoff and Energy Secretary Granholm’s Visit in Oklahoma Will Spotlight Clean Energy Innovation

WASHINGTON, DC — Second Gentleman Emhoff and Energy Secretary Granholm’s visit in Oklahoma will highlight innovation in geothermal energy, and announce new energy investments being made in the state. Additionally, the Biden-Harris administration’s affordable clean energy plan is invigorating clean energy economic growth, investing boldly in communities, and providing good paying jobs across the South. 

Oklahoma is no exception to the rapid clean energy economic growth the South is experiencing. Thanks to the clean energy plan, Oklahoma’s economy is thriving and employing thousands of working class Oklahomans. Currently, Oklahoma is a leader in clean energy technology, especially geothermal energy.  

Here are some facts related to Oklahoma’s growing clean energy economy: 

  • According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Jobs Report, in the six months since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, 2,000 clean energy jobs have been announced in the Sooner State. 
  • Last fall, Canoo, an EV battery company, announced a new battery manufacturing facility in Pryork, Oklahoma. 

“The Biden-Harris administration’s clean energy plan isn’t picking and choosing winners—communities across the country are benefitting from the clean energy job growth it’s creating, and the innovation it’s helping to fund,” said Climate Power’s spokesperson Eden Alem. “No matter the zip code, people are able to get good paying clean energy jobs, and fight against climate change.” 

Additionally the Biden administration has invested in cost saving energy programs. Last year, the Department of Energy announced over $129 million in investments would be allocated to help Oklahomans save on energy costs, and make homes more energy efficient.