Small Business Administrator Guzman to Celebrate Small Business Gains Made in Clean Energy

WASHINGTON, DC — Small Business Administrator Guzman’s small business tour today celebrates how the clean energy plan is stimulating entrepreneurship. Additionally, the Biden administration’s affordable clean energy plan is turbocharging clean energy economic growth—providing good paying jobs and opportunity in communities across the country, including the West. 

The Silver State is no exception to the escalating clean energy growth. Thanks to Biden’s clean energy plan, Nevada’s economy is thriving and employing thousands of working class Nevadans—positioning the state to continue to lead in solar and clean energy. 

Here are some facts related to Nevada’s growing clean energy economy: 

  • According to Climate Power’s Clean Energy Jobs Report, in the first six months since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, nearly $3.89 billion has been invested in clean energy plants and projects. 
  • The same report found that in the same time span, 3,400 clean energy jobs have been announced or furthered. 
  • Some notable company announcements include Tesla resuming its construction of a $3.5 billion gigafactory expansion
  • In the next 10 years, 40,000 clean energy jobs are projected to be created, thanks to clean energy investments. 

“Thanks to President Biden’s clean energy plan, Nevada is continuing to lead in clean energy and is emerging as a leader in the clean energy supply chain,” said State Assemblymember Howard Watts III, Climate Power’s Advisory Board member. “The clean energy investments made today will create opportunities for entrepreneurship, and allow local Nevadans to benefit from clean energy and continue to fight against climate change.” 

Additionally the Biden administration has invested in cost saving energy programs and climate resiliency funding. Last fall, the Department of Energy announced over $96 million in funding to lower energy costs, and make homes more energy efficient with upgraded electric appliances. Last month, President Biden announced that Avi Kwa Ame would become Nevada’s fourth national monument, protecting the sacred land from damaging mineral extraction, and preserving indigenous customs. 

State Assemblymember Howard Watts III is available to speak on Nevada’s clean energy job growth and Small Business Administrator Guzman’s visit. Please reach out to Tiffany at [email protected] to schedule.