Veterans Letter to Congress: Energy Security is Built on Clean Energy

As veterans of America’s armed forces, we’ve seen firsthand how dictators like Vladimir Putin use oil and gas as political weapons. Dictators like Putin make it easier for oil and gas CEOs to price gouge the American people. They then use those enormous profits for stock buybacks and executive bonuses. These executives care about their profits, not our national security.

Real energy independence is only possible if we break free from oil and gas, crack down on price gouging and invest in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy.

Putin’s war in Ukraine is a powerful reminder of the risks of allowing our economy to be held hostage by fossil fuel companies. It makes America dependent on the decisions of hostile foreign leaders and subject to corporate greed. We can’t drill our way to energy independence. We can speed up the replacement of fossil fuels through renewable energy technologies that are available today. Increasing production of clean energy will make it more affordable for Americans. We must quickly invest in manufacturing and deploying wind, solar, electric vehicles, geothermal, batteries, and other clean energy technology.

When we were called to serve and protect our nation, we showed up. Congress: the American people are now calling on you for action. It’s time to deliver true energy security and invest in a clean energy economy that reduces the power hostile foreign leaders have on our economy, our national security, and our wallets.


Norm SeipLieutenant General, Retired (Air Force)

Greg Douquet – Colonel, Retired (Marine Corps)

Don MossMajor, Retired (Air Force)

Ted AdairFormer Captain (Army)

Sean BeckerFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

David CallawayFormer Lieutenant Commander (Navy)

Michael CallenderFormer Captain (Army)

Kelsey CampbellFormer Staff Sergeant (Air Force)

Stelian CincuFormer Petty Officer 3rd Class (Navy)

Alex Cornell du HouxFormer Major (Marine Corps)

Ryan EdwardsFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Danny FinanFormer Captain (Army)

Quamid FrancisFormer Sergeant (Marine Corps)

Jonathan GenslerFormer Captain (Army)

Phillip GilfusFormer Captain (Army)

Aaron GladdFormer First Lieutenant (Army)

Janessa GoldbeckFormer Captain (Marine Corps)

Tim HadeFormer Captain (Air Force)

Dennis McGinnVice Admiral, Retired (Navy)

Hal DonahueLieutenant Colonel, Retired (Air Force)

Ken HarbaughFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Mike HenchenFormer Captain (Army)

Liston JacksonFormer Petty Officer 2nd Class (Coast Guard)

Kevin JohnsonFormer Captain (Army)

Kafi A. Joseph – Former Major (Army)

Julian KilcullenFormer Captain (Marine Corps)

Roger KnudsonFormer Corporal (Marines)

Nat KreamerFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Andrea MarrFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Bert McDermittFormer Chief Warrant Officer 2 (National Guard)

Jesse MedlongFormer Petty Officer 1st Class (Navy)

Dan MischFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Scott MisicoFormer Specialist (Army)

Roger MissoFormer Lieutenant Commander (Navy)

Tom MullensFormer Petty Officer 3rd Class (Navy)

Len HeringRear Admiral, Retired (Navy)

Mark NevittCommander, Retired (Navy)

Benjamin ParryFormer Captain (Army)

Andrew Person – Former Captain (Army)

Jon PowersFormer Captain (Army)

Frank ReichertFormer Petty Officer 2nd Class (Navy)

Paul RieckhoffFormer First Lieutenant (Army)

Patrick RyanFormer Captain (Army)

Frank SantiagoFormer Petty Officer 2nd Class (Navy)

Dan Sawmiller – Specialist (National Guard)

Samantha SawmillerFormer Sergeant (Marine Corps)

Taylor SearcyFormer Lieutenant (Navy)

Sam StowersFormer Captain (Army)

Heather TakleFormer Captain (Marine Corps)

Jack TraceyFormer Seaman Apprentice (Navy)

Hai TuMajor (Reserves)

Eli WilliamsonFormer Staff Sergeant (Army)

Michael WuCaptain (Army Reserves)