Arizona  Republicans Want to Repeal the Clean Energy Plan, But Do They Want to Give the Money Back?

PHOENIX, AZ — During last night’s State of the Union, President Biden called out MAGA Congressional Republicans who voted against his clean energy plan but have taken credit for the investments, projects, and jobs pouring into their districts thanks to the law. 

MAGA Congressional Republicans have pledged to kill President Biden’s clean energy plan at least 31 times — begging the question: would they give their constituents a pink slip and take these investments out of their districts? 

Climate Power’s latest Clean Energy Boom report shows President Biden’s clean energy plan helped create over 271,000 clean energy jobs since its passage, the majority in districts represented by Republicans, including in Arizona. Over 270 projects totaling $262.19 billion in investment and 144,532 new clean energy jobs in districts represented by Republicans. In Arizona, the numbers are especially impressive: more than $10 billion invested and 14,000-plus clean energy jobs created since the passage of the clean energy plan just 18 months ago. 

Someone should ask: Do these Republicans want fewer investments in their districts?

“President Biden is a president for all Americans, and his clean energy plan has allowed investments and jobs to flow into communities across the country – no matter whether they vote red or blue,” said Alex Glass, Climate Power’s managing director of communications. “Republicans, on the other hand, care more about partisan politics than the wellbeing of their communities. As they continue to try to repeal the laws responsible for billions in investments and thousands of jobs in their districts, it’s fair to ask: do they want to give the money back?”