BINGO! Tonight’s GOP Debate Will Be A Race for Second Place

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, GOP presidential hopefuls will battle for, well, second place in the Republican presidential primary. Donald Trump is all but assured to be the GOP nominee for 2024, leaving the rest of the candidates to fight for the scraps of public acknowledgment. In their pursuit of the consolation prize, candidates have repeatedly denied the reality of the climate crisis and parroted Big Oil’s anti-clean energy talking points. If you have the misfortune to be tuning in, why not play bingo?

Here’s what these GOP candidates don’t know but you should: 

There is no war on energy. 

Republican calls to “drill, baby, drill” are another way GOP candidates shill for Big Oil. 

The President’s clean energy plan is popular with Americans across the nation, and it’s delivering for families. Republicans want to roll it back, and that’s a political liability. 

Clean energy that is made in America benefits families in America. 

The United States is on the cutting edge of clean energy innovation and production, which is reducing pollution and benefiting families at home and across the globe.