Climate Power En Acción Launches $5 Million Latino-focused Climate Ad Campaign

The ads will run in a variety of mediums and focus on the benefits that climate action brings to Latino communities

Washington, D.C. — Today, Climate Power En Acción officially launched the “Ganó el medio ambiente, ganamos todos” ad campaign. The campaign is a $5 million investment for 2024 and includes a variety of paid content targeted to Latinos in English and Spanish. These educational ads will focus on how climate action means access to better, cheaper, cleaner energy, which gives Latino communities and the electric grid the resiliency we need to endure extreme weather driven by climate change. The ads include video spots, billboards, search ads, our Verdad Climática landing page, radio, digital testimonials, and a video series in partnership with El Tiempo Latino.

“For Latinos, the climate crisis isn’t abstract; it’s hitting them now and more severely than most Americans. These educational ads make clear that climate action is synonymous with economic prosperity for Latinos. The ads show what the Biden-Harris administration has done to combat not just the climate crisis but also to improve the health and economic wellbeing of Latinos and all Americans,” said Antonieta Cádiz, Deputy Executive Director for Climate Power En Acción. “This is a campaign that brings to the forefront an issue Latinos have said is crucial to them.” 

A sampling of the ads can be found below with more to come in the future:

Rojo, Blanco, y Azul


Jobs & Friends With Purpose (SPA)

Moms Protect Our Planet (SPA)

Podemos Respirar Tranquilos Phoenix, AZ

Podemos Respirar Tranquilos Philadelphia, PA

Podemos Respirar Tranquilos Las Vegas, NV

Example Gas Prices billboard:

This campaign will also focus on how oil and gas corporations are investing millions to slow climate progress and accusations against them of manipulating the market to keep gas prices high while spending millions bankrolling politicians who will eliminate clean energy options for families. 

Climate disinformation targeting Latinos is an important and growing problem. With these ads, we want to get the record straight and show Latinos how a clean energy economy is creating more jobs, boosting local economies, reducing energy costs, and creating prosperity for all.  

The ads’ target audience is young Latinos (18-34) and Latinas under 50 in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. This month, the campaign will launch two radio segments in English and Spanish highlighting clean energy job creation and the impact of extreme heat, respectively. In July and throughout the summer, we will launch a video series in partnership with El Tiempo Latino that shows the benefits of a new green economy, and new paid campaigns in Univision and La Vision, GA. 

Earlier this month Climate Power and Future Forward USA Action announced their latest phase of an ongoing $50 million educational partnership to inform Americans of the positive impacts of the Biden-Harris administration’s landmark clean energy policies, which includes ads in English and Spanish aimed at Latino voters, starting with “Breathe” (English/Spanish), to air across the country over the summer. The latest is a radio ad that will air this week in AZ, NV, WI, MI, GA, and PA.

Climate Power En Accion is a project of Climate Power focused on running a strong earned and paid media political communications operation, cemented on tailored research, polling, and creative products focused on driving the national and local climate narrative for Latinos, aimed to support a green economy transition and cementing climate progress for future generations.