Clean energy creates jobs, lowers utility costs, and reduces pollution

Watch the ad in Spanish here

Washington, DC – Today, Climate Power En Acción — a project of Climate Power focused on reaching and mobilizing Latinos on climate action and a fairer, cleaner, healthier economy — launched a new Spanish-language TV ad underscoring the progress and benefits Latino communities across the nation are experiencing due to the clean energy plan. This progress includes more than 260,000 good-paying jobs created in the clean energy sector, lower energy costs, and measures to combat harmful pollution and the life-threatening effects of the climate emergency. The Spanish ad will air on seven Univision stations and across the network’s digital channels in battleground states before and after the State of the Union address.

“The clean energy plan is delivering real progress in our communities. Climate action is connected to every issue in our lives from our jobs, energy costs, health, and much more,” said Antonieta Cádiz, Deputy Executive Director of Climate Power En Acción. “The achievements in the clean energy plan demonstrate that progress can benefit all, not just a select few. It is also a testament that investing in and expanding clean energy production can help create good-paying jobs, reduce energy costs, and provide a better quality of life to our communities. Given the rampant levels of disinformation targeting Spanish-dominant Latinos, En Acción wanted to set the record straight and keep them informed about this important progress.”  

Latinos are among the groups most affected by the climate crisis and 83% are worried about extreme weather driven by climate change, which is why they support the historic climate investments in the clean energy plan. Through this paid initiative, En Acción is reinforcing what Latinos already know: climate progress is making a difference, boosting the economy, and creating jobs while helping reduce the pollution that contributes to the climate emergency.

The script for the TV Spanish spot and its respective translation are below:


En los últimos cuatro años hemos logrado un progreso histórico.

Gracias a la expansión de la energía limpia y medidas para reducir la contaminación, estamos en el camino correcto para respirar un aire más limpio y bajar costos de energía.

Ya se han creado casi 260,000 nuevos empleos para impulsar nuestro futuro.

La evidencia es clara: el Plan de Energía Limpia sí funciona, no sólo para el medio ambiente, sino para el bienestar de nuestras familias.

English Translation

Over the past four years we have made historic progress.

Thanks to the expansion of clean energy and measures to reduce pollution, we are on the right path to breathing cleaner air and lowering energy costs.

Almost 260,000 new jobs have already been created to fuel our future.

The evidence is clear: the Clean Power Plan does work, not only for the environment but for the well-being of our families.