Climate Power & Future Forward USA Action Launch $50M Educational Ad Buy on Biden Administration Policies to Lower Costs, Create Jobs and Crack Down on Corporate Polluters

Educational Ads Will Run Across Broadcast, Cable, Streaming, and Digital Platforms this Summer 

in AZ, GA, MI, NV, PA, and WI

Washington, D.C. –  Today, Climate Power and Future Forward USA Action announced the latest phase of an ongoing educational partnership to inform Americans of how they can save money thanks to the Biden-Harris administration’s landmark clean energy policies. The partnership is launching $50 million in educational advertising that informs Americans on policies that are lowering their power bills and health care costs, cutting pollution, and fueling a new clean energy job boom. These new ads will help educate Americans about the benefits of the clean energy plan and how they can benefit from lowered costs and cleaner air and water and follow previous advertising in the fall and spring of 2023. 

The education effort includes English and Spanish-language advertisements that will run across broadcast, cable, streaming, and digital platforms in June and July in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. A sampling of the initial round of ads is included below.

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Breathe (Also running in Spanish)




“Americans need to hear about the policies that can lower their power bills, reduce the cost of insulin, keep their air and water safe, and take on the Big Oil entities gouging us at the pump. President Biden’s clean energy plan is cutting pollution and lowering costs, and this educational partnership will help people understand how their families and communities can benefit,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. 

“Through this partnership, the American people will hear about how the Biden-Harris administration’s Inflation Reduction Act invests in working people to lower costs and the important role clean energy plays,” said Future Forward USA Action President Chauncey McLean. “Our partnership with Climate Power is critical to telling this story.”

The Biden-Harris administration has taken more than 300 meaningful climate and clean energy actions, lowering costs and protecting communities while holding Big Oil accountable for its profiteering and pollution. The historic clean energy plans have already driven forward more than 500 new projects and over 270,000 jobs nationwide as we build a more affordable and secure American energy future. And the more people learn about these policies, the more overwhelmingly they support them.


Climate Power is an independent strategic communications and paid media operation focused on building public support for bold climate action. Climate Power integrates hard-hitting research, polling, state and national earned media, digital and paid media to influence the national conversation, embolden leaders to take immediate, bold climate action, and expose climate deniers and their oil and gas lobby allies.

Future Forward USA Action is a collective of strategists, researchers, ad-makers, and data analysts that came together in 2018 and are dedicated to helping rebuild America’s middle class with new ideas, fresh perspectives and strategic approaches. As a part of their work, they are focused on educating the American people on the impact of key new laws and reforms from the Biden-Harris administration.