Climate Power Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign Educating Young People on President Biden’s American Climate Corps

Digital Ad Campaign Aims to Bridge Information Gap With Young People on President Biden’s Climate Agenda

Washington, D.C. — Climate Power is announcing a six-figure ad campaign to educate young people on President Biden’s latest climate initiative — the American Civilian Climate Corps — which aims to employ 20,000 young people. The digital ad campaign, which kicked off last Friday, targets women under 30 in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

“President Biden’s clean energy plan is delivering results right now for young people across the country — and the American Climate Corps is the administration’s latest achievement,” said Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power. “Meanwhile, Republicans and Big Oil are ramping up their disinformation campaigning online, denying climate change and diminishing its impact. Our campaign will make sure young people understand that President Biden is making a difference in their lives and delivering on his climate and clean energy promises.” 

President Biden’s clean energy plan is broadly popular, but many Americans are unaware of the law’s benefits. According to battleground polling conducted by Climate Power, support for President Biden’s clean energy plan jumped by 27 points when informed about the clean energy plan, making education campaigns critical to moving opinions. 

Climate Power is campaigning heavily to bridge the education gap on President Biden’s climate and clean energy agenda. In addition to the latest American Climate Corps digital ad campaign, Climate Power launched Made By Us last summer, a storytelling campaign with 34 climate and democracy partners that showcases workers and communities who benefit from President Biden’s clean energy plan through earned and paid media and digital campaigns. 

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