Flashback Friday: Big Oil CEOs Take Their Greenwashing Masks Off, Calling Clean Energy Transition a “Fantasy”

Climate Power launched a new campaign, “Climate Truth,” at CERAWeek, confronting Big Oil with Smokey Bear  

Washington, D.C. — This week, Big Oil CEOs and industry executives gathered in Houston for CERAWeek, one of the largest conferences in the industry. Big Oil CEOs said the quiet part out loud: they have no intention of aiding our clean energy economy, calling the transition to clean energy a “fantasy,” and promising to double down on oil and gas drilling, all while Texans are still feeling the aftermath of the state’s largest wildfire in history. 

“Big Oil CEOs finally said what we’ve known all along: they want to double down on dirty energy to line their pockets, and have no interest in working towards a sustainable clean energy future,” said Climate Power’s senior advisor for oil and gas, Alex Witt. “As Texans continue to feel the devastating impact of the largest wildfire in state history, we reminded oil and gas CEOs during CERAWeek that they have the power to stop fueling the climate crisis. They must be held accountable, and we’ll use every tool in our toolbox to do so.” 

During CERAWeek, Climate Power launched a new campaign called “Climate Truth,” which aims to hold Big Oil and their MAGA allies accountable. In addition to launching the campaign on Truth Social, calling out Trump for giving Big Oil $25 billion in tax breaks as president, Climate Power made sure oil and gas CEOs remembered their deadly impact by sending in Smokey Bear to remind them only they can stop wildfires and climate destruction.