Georgia Leads Clean Energy Boom as #1 State for New Clean Energy Jobs 

Atlanta, GA — Almost two years after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is turbocharging the clean energy economy and revitalizing communities across Georgia. President Biden’s clean energy plan has spurred the creation of over 300,000 new jobs nationwide, with Georgia climbing to the number one spot with new clean energy jobs than any other state in the country. Overall, 41 new clean energy projects in Georgia have already spurred $23.88 billion in investment and helped create or move forward over 30,661 good-paying clean energy jobs. 

“President Biden’s clean energy plan has created more new clean energy jobs in Georgia than any other state in the nation — uplifting local economies and lowering energy costs, all while protecting Georgians’ access to clean water and air,” said André Crombie, Climate Power’s States Interim Managing Director. “From Dalton to Dekalb County, Georgia families and workers are benefitting from a surging clean energy economy. Meanwhile, Georgia Republicans in Congress have done everything in their power to attempt to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act over 30 times, even though the majority of the state’s new clean energy projects are in their districts and disproportionately benefitting their constituents.” 

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