GOP Debate in Miami Highlights Florida’s Outsized Climate Impacts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Not one GOP candidate on stage on Wednesday has a coherent plan to address climate change – if they even admit it’s real. Even as they gather in Miami, Florida faces some of the most dire consequences of climate change – from extreme heat and drought to wildfires, hurricanes, and sea level rise. Floridians are grappling with threats to their health, safety, and economic security while navigating a home insurance crisis that was exacerbated by Governor (and GOP presidential hopeful) Ron DeSantis. 

Floridians are seeing major economic losses.

Extreme heat is already harming Floridians. 

Extreme heat in the state is also increasing the likelihood and severity of hurricanes. Major insurance companies have pulled out of Florida, leaving families to weather storms alone and without financial support. 

As Governor, Ron DeSantis rejected hundreds of millions in federal funding that would have reduced the impact of climate change and helped Floridians.