Haley, Like Trump, Would be Disastrous for the Climate and Kill the Clean Energy Boom

Washington, D.C. – A week ahead of the Iowa caucuses, the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions Action – co-founded by former Heritage Foundation chief of staff Drew Bond – has endorsed big-oil backed Nikki Haley for president. The endorsement ignores Haley’s disastrous climate record, one she burnished under her climate-denying mentor Donald Trump. Climate Power managing director of communications Alex Glass released the following statement about Haley:

“There’s no daylight between Nikki Haley and Donald Trump on climate. While serving as Trump’s hand-picked UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Agreement. Now, she’s doing the bidding of her big-oil backers, promising to prop them up on day one of her presidency while ending the job-creating and cost-lowering investments that the majority of American voters support. Nikki Haley is no climate champion – and while she stands virtually no chance of being her party’s nominee, her record is one and the same with the GOP frontrunner and chief climate denier Donald Trump.”

In a crushing misread of the electorate, Haley has promised to roll back vital climate and clean energy investments that have already helped create more than 210,000 jobs across the nation. It’s why oil and gas executives, including oil billionaire Harold Hamm, a former Trump backer, are putting their dollars behind Haley. In the third quarter of 2023, Haley was in the top two presidential candidates taking money from the oil and gas industry.