In Wisconsin, Earth Day Is Jobs Day

This Earth Day, we are celebrating the more than 271,000 jobs and $352 billion in investments that President Biden’s clean energy plan has brought to the country in the past year and a half. Investing in clean energy is a win for our nations’s and state’s economy, environment, and residents. Clean energy like wind and solar is giving Wisconsinites more good-paying jobs, more ways to save money on their utility bills, and more opportunities to protect the state that more than nearly 6 million people call home.

Clean Energy Is Driving Job Creation and Boosting Wisconsin’s Economy

Thanks to the federal clean energy plan, Wisconsin is becoming a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing and battery storage industries. Since the passage of the federal clean energy plan, clean energy projects in Wisconsin have already spurred  $920 Million in investments and helped create or move forward over  1,100 good-paying clean energy jobs in the state. These jobs are unionized at higher rates. Just this past month, Wisconsin’s four major utilities announced a first-in-the-nation agreement with building trade unions to using union labor for clean energy construction projects. 

Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Is Protecting Wisconsin’s Air and Water

President Biden has made protecting the environment a top priority since his first day in office, when he recommitted the U.S. to the Paris Agreement. He signed into law the single largest investment in clean energy and climate action ever made and closed tax loopholes to force Big Oil and corporate polluters to pay their fair share in taxes. Biden has done more to protect, restore, and secure the livability of our environment than any president in American history. 

Wisconsinites Are Saving Money Thanks to the Clean Energy Plan

By installing solar panels, purchasing electric vehicles, and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances, Wisconsinites can save money while also taking steps to protect our planet for future generations. The clean energy plan makes it easier and cheaper than ever before to make these purchases and upgrades. Rather than benefiting Big Oil, investing in clean energy benefits us all. 

For more than 50 years, Americans have recognized Earth Day, choosing to take time out of our busy lives to celebrate our planet and commit to protecting it for generations to come. This Earth Day, we’re recognizing the benefits that clean energy brings to our state by celebrating Earth Day as Jobs Day.