NEW AD: Ahead of  State of the Union, Climate Power Makes the Case that Clean Energy Reduces Costs For Families


March 1st, 2022

Contact: Erik Mebust,

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Climate Power announced that for at least two weeks, while President Biden gives his State of the Union address, an ad titled “It Costs Less” will run in Washington DC to highlight the cost-saving benefits of clean energy. Focused on the anxiety families feel over rising costs, the ad makes the case that investments in clean energy will deliver for Americans by detailing the results of a recent analysis that found a transition to clean energy would save families $500 per year in energy costs. The new ad is part of a larger State of the Union push for Climate Power on national tv and digital platforms. 

“If Congress invests in clean energy, we can speed up the production of cheaper, more reliable energy right here in America,” said Lori Lodes, Climate Power Executive Director. “We’ll create millions of new good-paying jobs while making sure our energy prices aren’t impacted by foreign supply chain disruptions or conflicts overseas, as they are right now. Investing in wind, solar and other clean energy sources that won’t run out will increase our energy supply, lower families’ energy bills and decrease the cost of gas. It’s up to Congress to deliver for the American people.”


This is the latest part of a recently announced push by Climate Power and other environmental groups in the lead up to the State of the Union address to encourage the President and the Congress to take immediate climate action. In addition to highlighting the $500 energy cost savings, the ad makes clear that the sun and wind are more abundant than fossil fuels, and therefore cheaper. The energy independence these abundant natural resources provide protects families and businesses from price spikes caused by disputes with foreign energy producers.

A recent study from Stanford researchers found that transitioning the economy to 100% clean energy by 2050 reduced household energy costs 63% compared to continuing business as usual. It would also reduce healthcare costs by eliminating toxic pollution, saving an estimated 53,000 lives per year and relieving millions of people from the chronic illnesses associated with fossil fuel pollution.

Experts are unequivocal about the Build Back Better Act’s positive economic impact:

Voters respond powerfully to the message that clean energy will save them money on energy costs. According to a new polling memo from Data For Progress, “Among all voters, messaging about lowering costs increases the margin of support for a plan to transition America to clean energy between +10 and +24 points, depending on the message. Among key subgroups such as voters under 45 and Hispanic voters, the increase in the margin of support is even higher. Though federal investments in clean energy are broadly popular, emphasizing the cost-saving benefits can break through the noise about inflation and rising energy costs, especially among core constituency groups.”

Moreover, ahead of the November midterm elections, voters are paying attention to whether lawmakers pass the Build Back Better Act and take action to address climate change. The toplines from Climate Power and Data for Progress’s most recent poll demonstrate the support for climate action to pass with Build Back Better Act: