New Polling Shows Latino Voters Support Investing in Clean Energy to Address High Cost of Living

Nearly three-quarters of Latino voters believe clean energy investments create jobs and reduce energy costs

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new poll from Data for Progress (DFP) and Climate Power En Acción shows that Latino voters support clean energy investments that address the high cost of living. The findings reveal that Latino voters recognize how extreme weather events and climate change-driven pollution directly impact kitchen table costs. They also view taking climate action, including expanding the clean energy industry, as necessary. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of Latino voters agree that we can lower energy costs for everyone by investing in the clean energy industry while creating good jobs.

“Latino voters feel the impacts of the climate crisis in their wallets. Higher electricity bills, increased home insurance premiums due to extreme weather and higher grocery prices due to agricultural disruption are all taking a toll. We need climate action and the transition to clean energy to ease these impacts now,” said Luis Sanchez Armas, National Press Secretary of Climate Power En Acción. “We can achieve this through President Biden’s clean energy plan, which is creating good-paying jobs in our communities, helping us transition to a fairer, cleaner, and healthier economy and mitigating the life-threatening effects of the climate crisis while increasing our American-made, domestic energy production.”

DFP and Climate Power En Acción surveyed 1,251 Latino voters nationally, including an oversample of Latino voters in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, offering the survey in English and Spanish. The poll also found that Latino voters are concerned about climate change and related issues. They view fossil fuel companies as often compromising the health and safety of their workers and want to hold oil and gas companies and their CEOs accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis. In addition, Latino voters under 45 prefer expanding clean energy over fossil fuels and view the clean energy industry as offering cost-saving and job creation benefits.

Below are key takeaways from the Latino Voter Polling on Costs and Clean Energy:

Rising Costs Are Top of Mind for Latino Voters:

Latino Voters Are Concerned About the Impact Climate Change Is Having on Their Everyday Costs:

Latino Voters Are Extremely Concerned About Pollution, Climate, and Extreme Weather Events:

Nearly Three-Fourths of Latino Voters Think We Need to Prioritize Investments in the Clean Energy Sector:

Latino Voters Assign More Responsibility for Higher Energy Bills to Oil and Gas CEOs and Executives and Utility Companies Than Other Actors