President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Creates Almost Ten Thousand Jobs and Generates $18.7 Billion Investment in North Carolina

Washington, D.C. — On the heels of last night’s State of the Union address, a new Climate Power report released this week reveals that North Carolina has seen $18.7 billion of new investments that have resulted in 9,886 new clean energy jobs. 

At last night’s State of the Union, President Biden mentioned the tens of thousands of clean energy jobs created here in America. “The middle class built this country, and unions built the middle class,” the President said. He highlighted his launching of the American Climate Corps, which will put 20,000 young people to work at the forefront of our clean energy future. As the President noted in his address, his Administration has taken the most significant climate action in American history, including removing poisonous lead pipes so that every child can drink clean water and ending tax breaks for Big Oil.

Climate Power’s latest clean energy boom report shows President Biden’s clean energy plan has helped create over 271,000 clean energy jobs since 2022. In nearly one and a half years, companies have invested over $352 billion to advance 524 new clean energy projects, across 47 states and Puerto Rico.

Since Climate Power’s last report was released in November 2023, companies have invested an additional $42 billion, creating over 60,000 new jobs across 214 new projects.

“Thanks to support from the Federal, State, and private sectors, as well as the Clean Energy Plan, we were able to construct our new facility in North Carolina,” said Kempower Interim Managing Director Erin Johnson. Kempower has announced more than 600 new jobs at its Durham, NC facility. 

Johnson continued, “We’re hiring people every day in all departments of our company. There are good-paying jobs for local residents, including those who don’t have a college degree. We’re grateful we could add so many good-paying jobs to the Triangle area, and we’re happy to see other companies coming to this community to join in on what we’re building here.”

“We’re proud to create hundreds of jobs in the Triangle area – from the contractors who renovated two buildings at our new facility to the workers who are helping us ramp up production in North Carolina. These are good paying jobs that we’re able to provide to local residents because of the Clean Energy Plan and support from the state of North Carolina.”