President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan Creates More Than 15,000 Jobs and Generates $12.2 Billion Investment in Nevada

Washington, D.C. — On the heels of last night’s State of the Union address, a new Climate Power report released this week revealed that Nevada has seen 15 new clean energy projects since 2022, resulting in 15,938 new clean energy jobs and $12.2 billion in new investments. 

At the State of the Union last night, President Biden spoke about how his administration has created tens of thousands of clean energy jobs here in America. “The middle class built this country, and unions built the middle class,” the president said. He highlighted his launching of the American Climate Corps, which will put 20,000 young people to work at the forefront of our clean energy future. 

Since the passage of the clean energy plan, new clean energy projects have spurred economic growth in Nevada’s rural communities. Over 10% of new clean energy jobs (1,650) and 20% of projects in Nevada are located in rural communities. 

“Washoe County is on the front-line of the Clean Energy Boom! Thanks to President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan, we’ve seen an explosion of jobs and investments,” said Assemblywoman Angie Taylor. “And thanks to Democratic leadership in the Nevada Legislature we were able to pass AB184 to incentivize clean trucks and buses so local businesses are empowered to take advantage of new technology. More money in the pockets of Nevada’s hard-working families, and lower costs for businesses is a win-win for all of us.”

“I’m proud to have fought for the $100M+ the Washoe County School District has invested in cost-saving measures like energy efficiency and water conservation. We’re embracing renewables wholeheartedly by making sure that every new school we build is outfitted with a ground source heat pump,” said Washoe County School District Trustee Beth Smith. “It’s exciting to know that everyday Nevadans have the opportunity to access the same savings at home thanks to President Biden’s Clean Energy Plan! Northern Nevada is at the center of over $12 billion in new investments since the start of the Clean Energy Boom, and that’s just the beginning! Every day the future for Washoe County gets brighter thanks to the Clean Energy Boom.”

“Ensuring that we protect the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe is a centerpiece of my work on the Board of County Commissioners and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. Clean, healthy air is critical to protecting the lake and livability of Washoe County, and far too often we suffer with abysmal air quality due to increasingly extreme wildfires fueled by climate change,” said Washoe County Commissioner Alexis Hill. “The Clean Energy Boom is providing thousands of good-paying jobs for Nevadans and empowering us to meet our climate reality head-on by making the transition to renewable energy easier than ever!”

As the president pointed out last night, his administration has taken the most significant climate action in American history, including removing poisonous lead pipes so that every child can drink clean water and ending tax breaks for Big Oil. Unlike Trump and Maga Republicans, President Biden is confronting the climate crisis—not denying it.

Climate Power’s latest clean energy boom report shows President Biden’s clean energy plan has helped create over 271,000 clean energy jobs since 2022. In nearly one and a half years, companies have invested over $352 billion to advance 524 new clean energy projects, across 47 states and Puerto Rico.

Since Climate Power’s last report was released in November 2023, companies have invested an additional $42 billion, creating over 60,000 new jobs across 214 new projects. While a majority of projects fall into GOP districts, Donald Trump and his MAGA Congressional Republican allies are dead set on rolling back the incentives that make this job growth possible.