Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Truth About Electric Vehicles

Donald Trump and other Republicans continue to spread lies and misinformation about electric vehicles (EVs) and the Made in America clean energy boom that has been unleashed thanks to President Biden’s affordable clean energy plan. As usual, the reality is very different from Republican rhetoric. 

Republican Rhetoric: Joe Biden is forcing everyone to buy an EV.

Republican Rhetoric: EVs will be “automatically” made in China.

Republican Rhetoric: EV tax credits are going to China. 

Republican Rhetoric: EVs are bad for American auto workers.

Republican Rhetoric: EVs make us more dependent on China. 

Republican Rhetoric: EVs are only for rich people.

The clean energy plan includes strict income caps to make sure the wealthy are unable to claim the tax credit for new vehicles. The most expensive EVs are also ineligible for the new vehicle credit. 

Republican Rhetoric: EVs don’t have enough range.

Thanks to the clean energy plan, America’s charging infrastructure is getting better every day, whether you live in rural America, a big city, or anywhere in between.

Republican Rhetoric: EVs catch on fire all of the time. 

Republican Rhetoric: EVs will destroy the electric grid.

Real-world evidence from states with a large number of EVs has demonstrated that EVs reduce electricity cost for all ratepayers, not just those who own EVs. This is because they help spread out the fixed cost of maintaining the electric system over a larger volume of electricity sales.