SOTU Response: Georgia’s Clean Energy Boom At Risk if Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Get Their Way

Washington, D.C. — On the heels of last night’s State of the Union address, a new Climate Power report reveals that Georgia ranks second in the nation for new clean energy projects, seeing 40 new clean energy projects, over 29,000 good-paying clean energy jobs and $23 billion in investment in Georgia since 2022. 

“Georgia is leading the clean energy boom and President Biden’s clean energy plan is to thank. These strong federal investments into Georgia’s clean energy economy continue to accelerate economic growth while lowering energy costs for families across the state,” said Climate Power States Managing Director Saumya Narenchania“The State of the Union address reminded hardworking Georgia families of the stakes before them this November: we must elect leaders who will move us forward on clean energy and refuse to go backwards.” 

At last night’s State of the Union, President Biden mentioned the tens of thousands of clean energy jobs created here in America. “The middle class built this country, and unions built the middle class,” the President said. He highlighted his launching of the American Climate Corps, which will put 20,000 young people to work at the forefront of our clean energy future. As the President noted in his address, his Administration has taken the most significant climate action in American history, including removing poisonous lead pipes so that every child can drink clean water and ending tax breaks for Big Oil. Unlike Trump and MAGA Republicans, President Biden is confronting the climate crisis—not denying it.

Since Climate Power’s last Clean Energy Boom Report was released in November 2023, companies have invested an additional $42 billion in clean energy projects across the country, creating over 60,000 new jobs across 214 new projects.