State of Trump’s Union with Big Oil

New Climate Power Memo: Climate takedown is  at the heart of the Trump agenda 

Washington, D.C. – Tonight, President Joe Biden highlighted the work taking place across the country to rebuild our economy from the middle out. Already, his climate plan has created more than 271,000 jobs from coast to coast, putting people back to work, lowering energy costs, and launching a new era for U.S. manufacturing. Thanks to President Biden’s historic actions, the state of America’s clean energy economy is stronger today than ever before.

The contrast between Biden’s climate leadership and Donald Trump’s denialism could not be more stark. Trump prides himself on his connections to Big Oil and gas and spent four years in the White House giving them license to pollute our air and water. 

A new memo, released tonight from Climate Power details the worst of Trump’s climate denial, his cozy ties to Big Oil, and the damage he’s promised to do if elected to a second term. 

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Alex Witt, Climate Power

DATE: March 7, 2024

RE: “Dictator on Day One”: Donald Trump Is Making Climate Takedown a Centerpiece of His Campaign

Donald Trump is putting climate and energy issues at the forefront of his presidential campaign. While his abhorrent rhetoric and impending legal fights have been getting the majority of coverage, Trump has repeatedly promised that if he is returned to office he will undo the progress made by President Joe Biden.

It is a mistake to assume voters remember Trump’s record and the chaos of his presidency. According to polling conducted by Hart Research on behalf of Climate Power, a smaller percentage of Americans view Trump unfavorably than did when he left office, but their disapproval grows when reminded of Trump’s actions in office. When we remind voters of Trump’s dismal record on climate and clean energy and educate them about President Biden’s accomplishments, they move significantly towards Biden.

Luckily, we don’t have to guess at Trump’s plans and their potential impacts. Trump’s record on climate and energy issues was atrocious, setting the country back years from the progress made during the Obama administration, all to appease greedy CEOs and corporate polluters. 

Trump was a consistent climate denier, gutted regulations for clean air and water, stopped clean energy investments, and was the worst environmental president in history. He pushed for billions of dollars in tax breaks for Big Oil and on the campaign trail in 2024, Trump has promised to end clean energy investments and put Big Oil back in charge if he’s returned to office. 

From outright denying established climate science to awarding billions in handouts to Big Oil while allowing them to pollute our air and water, Donald Trump’s long and terrible climate record speaks volumes about what a second term would look like.

Despite the fact that a majority of voters—including Republicans—say that the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events are kitchen table issues in their households, Trump has taken an extreme denialist approach to climate change – repeatedly, calling it a “hoax” and “bullshit,” and has cast doubt upon established climate science since at least 2010. He’s continued to say it in his 2024 campaign.

While on the campaign trail, Trump has repeatedly promised to gut the monumental progress made by the Biden administration. 

Trump has promised to focus on fossil fuels and drilling in the United States at the expense of clean energy production.

This is only a small sampling of the dangerous rhetoric and policies proposed by candidate Trump and actually enacted by then-President Trump. Trump is determined to gut the progress made by the Biden administration, all to help the big polluters funding MAGA Republicans.

Project 2025, a draft agenda for a second Trump Presidency, lays out how a federal government helmed by Donald Trump will dramatically reshape America by shrinking, defunding, or dismantling certain agencies and departments and installing extremists in positions of power. He will eliminate three Energy Department agencies vital for the green energy transition, and gut the Environmental Protection Agency.

Trump and his allies are already telling us what their plans are for the next four years if he takes the oath of office next January.

Bottom line: A second Trump presidency would be a disaster for climate and a dangerous slide backward for the country.