Rapid Response Fact Sheets

Climate Power 2020 published a set of memos on our research hub as a part of our effort to highlight climate change as a critical issue in the upcoming Presidential debates and to debunk climate change lies and misinformation around the debates.

Now we have split up those lengthy memos into 26 separate fact sheets on a variety of subtopics to serve as quick resources during the debates or other rapid response situations.

You can find our earlier debate prep memos here, with extra context on suggested messaging and examples of Trump’s rhetoric when he lies.

  • Why Climate Matters (Proactive Messages) Facts to make the case for why we need to hear about climate solutions.
  • Breaking Through The BS (Reactive Messages) Frequently-heard lies about climate and clean energy and facts to respond to them.
  • Climate Touches Every Issue (Pivot Messages) Facts about how climate change is tied in to every major issue we can expect to come up in a debate.

To jump straight into the facts, use the links below or download the entire rapid response fact sheet folder here. Just be sure to check back every now and then for updates, because we might add new information to these as warranted by major events and new data.

Be Ready With The Facts When Trump Lies About Climate And Clean Energy

Why Climate Change Matters Now More Than Ever

How Climate Change Touches Every Issue