The Best Way To Address High Energy Prices Is To Transition To Clean Energy




December 10th, 2021

Contact: Jason Phelps, [email protected]

         The Best Way To Address High Energy Prices Is To Transition To Clean Energy

WASHINGTON, DC — While volatile energy prices dominate headlines, Noreen Nielsen, Senior Advisor at Climate Power, has a simple message: the real problem is much deeper than just the price of gas. It’s the rampant greed of Big Oil as they fixate on generation profits at the expense of American families struggling to afford their winter heating bills or the trip home for the holidays.

Noreen Nielsen, Climate Power Senior Advisor, said:

“Of course the price of gas is top of mind for families — the cost is blowing their budgets right before the holidays. This pain is all too real, but focusing too much on energy costs obscures the larger issue: the runaway greed of Big Oil CEOs more focused on generating wealth and income for themselves and shareholders without caring for struggling families. We need to invest in clean energy, efficient cars, and electric vehicles and leave fossil fuels behind. This will not only lower gasoline or energy bill but make costs more predictable for families’ day today. Congress should follow the advice of international energy experts by making such investments immediately.”

The Senate is approaching its final vote on the Build Back Better Act, which will deliver the most significant investment in clean energy of any government in history. Analysts at the International Energy Agency recently warned that price volatility in energy markets will only end when the world makes the investments in clean energy necessary to meet the Paris climate targets. The Build Back Better Act puts us on a path to deliver that stability while also saving American families $500 per month on energy costs and $9 billion a year in savings for utilities and their customers.