Biden Takes Action to Protect Workers from Extreme Heat, Trump’s Policies Would Worsen Extreme Weather

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Biden-Harris administration announced a set of new rules aimed to protect American workers from extreme heat. In response to the announcement, Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes released the following statement:

“President Biden has taken more climate action than any president in history and today took additional action to protect workers and communities against extreme weather. Fueled by the corporate polluters funding Donald Trump’s legal fees and campaign, the threat of extreme weather this summer is growing with more heat waves, more wildfires, and stronger hurricanes.

“Last week, Donald Trump was asked what he’d do to address the climate crisis – unsurprisingly, he couldn’t answer. When pushed again, he lied about his record and talked about water. He even told attendees at his rally in Nevada where many were hospitalized from extreme heat that he didn’t care about them, he just wanted their vote. Refusing to acknowledge the crisis facing millions of Americans isn’t just dangerous, it’s criminally irresponsible.”

Since the start of his presidency, President Biden has taken more than 300 climate actions, and thanks to his clean energy plan, over 300,000 clean energy jobs have been announced across the country.