NEW: Clean Energy Boom Soars Past 300,000 Jobs

Trump and Big Oil’s Repeal Crusade Puts 312,900 New Clean Energy Jobs at Risk

WASHINGTON, DC According to a new Climate Power brief, since President Joe Biden’s landmark climate and clean energy investments became law in August 2022, more than 312,900 new clean energy jobs have been announced for electricians, mechanics, construction workers, technicians, support staff, and many others. The report finds companies have announced and advanced 585 new clean energy projects totaling over $361 billion in investments across 47 states and Puerto Rico. 

Donald Trump’s $1 billion “deal” with oil executives would tear it all down. Trump has promised corporate polluters he would repeal the clean energy plan and work to crush these American clean energy industries starting on “Day 1.” House Republicans have already passed legislation to repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan, despite major clean energy manufacturing investments in many of their districts.

“Donald Trump is promising to kill more than 300,000 American clean energy jobs as part of his billion dollar “deal” with oil executives, and he needs to answer for it,” said Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power. “The American people deserve cleaner, cheaper energy choices, and American workers deserve to make them here at home — but Trump is willing to inflict a true economic “bloodbath” just so oil executives can keep gouging us at the pump, with no competition to worry about. Trump is siding with the Chinese government to overturn Biden’s clean energy law, and if he gets his way he will forfeit the economic future to them once and for all.”

Top 10 States In New Clean Energy Jobs

  1. Georgia, 30,661 jobs.
  2. New York, 28,934 jobs.
  3. Texas, 23,146 jobs.
  4. Michigan, 21,490 jobs.
  5. Kansas, 21,077 jobs.
  6. Nevada, 20,098 jobs.
  7. South Carolina, 17,865 jobs.
  8. New Mexico, 16,625 jobs.
  9. Arizona, 15,570 jobs.
  10. Ohio, 13,669 jobs.

This new analysis comes on the heels of more than 300 clean energy executives denouncing efforts to repeal President Biden’s clean energy plan, saying it “would be nothing short of an economic and national security disaster.” Meanwhile, UAW and other unions continue to join the Biden Administration ensuring that these will be good-paying jobs that Americans can raise a family on, as Trump does nothing but continue attacking those unions.