Two Years Later: Clean Energy Boom Brings More than 13,000 Jobs and $10 Billion in Investment to Ohio

Columbus, OH — Almost two years after the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is turbocharging the clean energy economy and revitalizing communities across Ohio. The clean energy plan has spurred the creation of over 300,000 new jobs nationwide, with Ohio home to the sixth-most new clean energy projects and tenth-most new clean energy jobs in the country. This clean energy boom is especially strong in Ohio, where over 5,000 new clean energy jobs have come to the state since March. Overall, twenty-seven new clean energy projects in Ohio have already spurred $10.43 billion in investment and helped create or move forward over 13,000 good-paying clean energy jobs. 

Ohio highlights:

“Ohio’s clean energy boom is creating good-paying jobs and boosting our economy,” said Joe Flarida, Executive Director, Power a Clean Future Ohio. “From solar panel manufacturing and battery plants to utility-scale solar projects and EVs, Ohio and our workers are benefitting from the construction and manufacturing jobs that have become a reality thanks in large part to the Clean Energy Plan.”

“Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan is bringing good paying manufacturing jobs to Ohio — uplifting local economies and lowering energy costs, all while lowering toxic emissions,” said André Crombie, Climate Power’s States Interim Managing Director. “From Cincinnati to Toledo, families and workers are benefitting from a surging clean energy economy. Meanwhile, Ohio Republicans in Congress have tried to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act over 30 times, even though the majority of new clean energy projects are in their districts, disproportionately benefitting their constituents.”