Washington, D.C. – Climate Power is launching a groundbreaking project, Climate Power En Acción, dedicated to driving the national and local climate narrative for Latinos to support a green economy transition and cementing climate progress for future generations. 

Climate Power En Acción will run an earned and paid media political communications operation tailored to Latinos, cemented on research, polling, and creative products, with a diverse team that understands the uniqueness and diversity of the Latino community. 

“We know that climate touches every single aspect of our lives. The economy, jobs, health, our neighborhoods, and families,” said  Antonieta Cadiz, Deputy Executive Director of Climate Power En Acción. “The ability to communicate an effective, tailored, and compelling message to Latinos around climate and the impact of a clean energy economy is essential to mobilize this decisive and growing voting block to secure our and future generation’s future.” 

Having achieved remarkable milestones since its inception in 2020, Climate Power has established a prominent Latino media presence, breaking media hit records year after year. In 2022 alone, the organization reached an impressive 770 media hits, spanning influential Latino markets on TV, radio, print, online, and social media platforms. Within just three years, Climate Power has become an indispensable organization for shaping the climate narrative within Latino media.

Climate Power En Acción is a continuation and expansion of that work that aims to be the bridge between Latino audiences and the impact of climate progress. Already a majority of Latinos, 83%, are worried about extreme weather driven by climate change and support the historic climate investments achieved on the Clean Energy Plan led by President Biden. 

Latinos know that climate progress is making a difference, boosting the economy, and creating jobs while helping reduce emissions that contribute to air pollution and global warming. Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, 129 of the 190+ clean energy projects announced are in communities of color, bringing more than 85,000 new jobs to BIPOC communities. 

For more information on Climate Power En Acción and to stay updated on their impactful initiatives, please visit /en-accion/.

Climate Power is an independent strategic communication and paid media operation focused on building public support for bold climate action. Climate Power integrates hard-hitting research, polling, state and national earned media, digital, and paid media to influence the national conversation, embolden leaders to take immediate, bold climate action, and expose climate deniers and their oil and gas lobby allies.